I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Saturday morning shaves are the best! Okay-Sunday is also great! Elvado Grooming's Woodland Reserve Shave Soap and matching balm delivers a smooth shave, and I really enjoy the citrus notes that awaken my senses. Stone Field Shaving - Manitoba, Canada

It was a very nice shave. It lathered right up and the suds lasted the entire shave. The scent is nice, and the results were nice! I expect this artisan to become a regular in the community as time goes on. Thanks, John! Love the hat too. John B. - Cape Cod Wet Shaving MA. U.S.A


Awesome shave last night with my first use of Elvado products. Slickness is superb both main and residual and post shave skin feel is excellent. Couple of things I personally love are the outstanding high quality clean ingredients, the minimalist but classy artwork and the wonderful scents. Towerby is a lovely woodsy, citrus floral accord that I truly enjoyed. Mo Shaves - Dubai, U.A.E.